Our Product Selection

Perennial favourites, made in house, all year round.


  • Beef & Guiness. Lots of beef, slow cooked in Guiness for deep flavour. Our best seller.
  • Chicken & Mushrooms. Chicken, mushrooms, white wine and more.
  • Mexican. For the vegetarian and meat lover alike. Like chilli con carne without the “carne”.
  • Pork & Fennel roll. Sometimes we can’t keep up with demand. Always delicious.


Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. Flavours vary regularly.


As with the quiche, we carry both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The base is made from polenta, making it gluten free.


We're constantly improving our menu but these are our essential sandwiches.

  • Ham & swiss cheese baguette with seeded mustard mayo. Definitely a best seller.
  • Chicken Ciabatta. We roast chicken breast in our own spice mix. Aioli, feta etc…
  • Salami & swiss cheese on turkish with basil pesto and sundries tomato.
  • Smoked salmon on bagel with cream cheese, spanish onions, capers.
  • Ham & swiss cheese croissants.
  • Vego De Luxe. Morissette (small bread roll made out of pretzel dough, aioli, garlic mushrooms, artichoke heart, sundries tomato and brie.
  • Roast beef on NY Deli rye with wasabi mayo and marinated fennel.


We usually have 6 salads revolving on a daily basis. Come in and check them out.

We introduce new lines and retire others from time to time, so it's always best to come in to see what's available.

Savouries Pies